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Climb to the highest you’ve ever been with

knowledge sharing from some of Scotland's best.

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Crux is a knowledge sharing forum specifically designed for ambitious businesses who want to learn from two of Scotland’s leading success stories.

Skyscanner has grown from an idea on a beer mat and a spare-room start-up to a £1.4bn international tech giant. They’ll be sharing some of their key lessons learned on their journey.

On the programme you’ll also receive coaching from world-class business consultants, Shirlaws




17:30 - 20:00

Skyscanner HQ, Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston PI, Edinburgh EH3 9EN

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  • Session 1
  • Stages - This is a unique model which maps the feelings associated with each stage of the business growth journey. You will be able to determine the stage you and your business are at and more importantly be able to see what’s coming next.
  • Speakers
  • Richard Lennox

    Senior Engineering Director, Skyscanner

    As someone who has been with Skyscanner over seven years, Senior Director Richard has been privy to Skyscanner’s journey and how the business has navigated the many inflection points experienced by any high-growth business.

    25th October

  • Session 2
  • Personal Strategy for Growth - So much is talked about vision and values, but how do you come up with something compelling, memorable and consistent? This Shirlaws model takes you through the practical steps to determine your own values, vision and that of your business and then embed them securely for future growth.
  • Speakers
  • To be announced

    23rd November

  • Session 3
  • Culture as a Strategic Asset - It may surprise you to know that developing a good, solid culture within your business will improve its value and its multiple (future earnings). We show you how to develop a positive culture and make it part of the DNA of your business.
  • Speakers
  • Ruth Chandler

    Chief People Officer, Skyscanner

    Chief People Officer Ruth has over 15 years’ experience in a range of specialist HR and People leadership roles in high profile organisations, including at the University of Edinburgh and Standard Life. Skyscanner believes its culture is crucial to the business’ success – learn how Skyscanner shapes and evolves its culture for maximum impact across 900 employees and ten offices.

    11th January

  • Session 4
  • Leadership and Communication - As you grow, you will be leading people. Your communication skills must be up to the task as well as your leadership skills. This workshop answers some of the questions around the best qualities of a leader and provides you with a very useful framework for meaningful conversations and more.
  • Speakers
  • Bryan Dove

    Chief Technical Officer, Skyscanner

    Bryan's role includes leading and growing Skyscanner’s engineering teams at an accelerated scale across ten global offices.

    Bryan brings to Skyscanner more than 15 years of engineering leadership experience. Prior to joining Skyscanner, Bryan was a Director of Engineering at Amazon Web Services' S3.

    21st February

  • Session 5
  • Growing Your Revenue - History is littered with brilliant business ideas that never took off or fulfilled their potential because the revenue chain was incomplete. We take a look at each part of the revenue chain to help you identify which areas need work in your business to get that revenue flowing.
  • Speakers
  • Stuart Middleton

    Chief Commercial Officer, Skyscanner

    Stuart is responsible for sales and business development globally. Prior to their acquisition by Ctrip for £1.4bn in late 2016, Skyscanner enjoyed seven consecutive years of double digit growth. Stuart takes a look at how, why, and what your business can learn from Skyscanner’s experiences.

    22nd March

  • Session 6
  • Positioning - Getting this right is so important, particularly in the crowded, noisy world of commerce we now live in. Being sharp on who you are as a business and who you are targeting, your price point, your geographical locations and your ideal customer or client can make the difference between cracker of a business and a damp squib.
  • Speakers
  • Buzz Pearce

    Senior Director, Design, Skyscanner

    Steve (Buzz) Pearce is Skyscanner’s Global Design Director. He was previously Principal Design Director at Skype and heads up Skyscanner’s growing worldwide team of over 35 designers across ten offices. He leads coherence in design across Skyscanner’s experiences while also developing new bar-raising initiatives across a team made up of end-to-end thinkers, user researchers, GUI/NUI masters and experimentation specialists.

    3rd May


Gareth photo

Gareth Williams

Cofounder, Skyscanner

“Sharing successes and failures has always been a key strength of Scotland’s flourishing start up community. We’re delighted to share the learnings and growing pains we at Skyscanner have experienced over the past 14 years through Crux’s knowledge sharing forum.”

Rebecca Bonnington

Partner, Shirlaws Group

Rebecca is an experienced executive coach with clients including large banks, international law firms, SME’s and startups. Rebecca joined Shirlaws Group to coach executives in large corporates as well as take ambitious high growth organisations through the Shirlaws journey to help grow their enterprises, and support the owners in fulfilling their true potential. This neatly combines her two passions; the development of people and business.


We'll donate 100% of your ticket fee to "Code Your Future", who support refugees with the dream of becoming developers, helping them integrate and add value to Scotland's economy.



£25 per session

for all 6 sessions

Limited spaces


individual session

Dependant on remaining availability near the date of each session


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